Title page of Peter and Wendy

Title page of Peter and Wendy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I recieved a package yesterday. I was very excited when I realised it was for me. It was another gift from the Bookcrossing Holiday Wishlist thread! I get such a thrill whenever I get one of these packages!

This time I was the lucky recipient of four – count them – books from my wishlist as well as an extra book (written by a fellow bookcrosser) and some stickers and scrapbooking supplies. How wonderful! I can’t wait to start reading the books.

The generosity does not stop there, either. A little while ago, I posted a thread requesting children’s books to hand out at my daughters’ school xmas fair. Hubby is playing the guy in red and, while the school provides sweets, we thought it might be nice to hand out the books because there are a lot of disadvantaged kids at the school.

Anyway, the books have been coming thick and fast, and we are feeling overwhelmed at the kindness shown by our fellow bookcrossers.

Bookcrossers have got to be some of the best, kindest, most generous, nicest people in the whole world!


What are your thoughts?

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