Xmas Fair Tonight

Dog the Teddy Bear (l) and Skip The Teddy Bear...

Dog the Teddy Bear (l) and Skip The Teddy Bear (r) hanging out with a modern-day Santa Claus (note the cell phone in use). Also note Skip forgot his green hat. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well, hubby is playing the big red guy at the school xmas fair tonight. He will be handing out all the wonderful things people have been donating as well as the stuff I bought and made. There are loads of books as well as teddy bears, handbag shaped photo frames, porcelain dolphins and heaps of bookmarks, postcards doorknob hangers and stickers.

A huge THANK YOU goes out to the lovely folks at St Vinnies and Bookcrossing for their generosity in making donations for Santa to hand out.

It is doubly lucky because we just found out that most of the things that the school provided were stored in the home of the P&C President, which recently burned to the ground. You can imagine how pleased they were to find out we had a heap of stuff here!

Have a great night everybody and happy holidays!


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