Australian & NZ L-Plate

Australian & NZ L-Plate (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I finally got around to getting my learner’s permit. I popped into the Queensland Transport office a few days ago and took the test. I arrived at the office at 11am and the counter where you pick up your test was unattended, so I took a number to see one of the other staff members.

I finally got to the counter and was given my test. I took the test away and completed the answers, then brought it back to be marked. The lady took my test and told me to take a number again.

When I finally got called up they marked my test. I found the test really hard and was convinced I had failed but it turns out I only got two questions wrong!

The first one I got wrong was a give way question. In the above picture, I had the yellow car giving way, but it turns out the green car had to give way. The other question I got wrong had to do with what distance from an oncoming car you should dip your headlights from high beams down to low. I put 50m but the correct answer was 200m.

Anyhow, as I only got two questions wrong, I passed. So I know have my learner licence! Yaay!

I was going to apply for my RE class learners (motorbikes) but they changed the law last year, so now you have to have your provisional car licence (C class) for at least a year before you can apply for your RE learners. This really annoys me because I have no intention of ever owning a car, so why waste time learning to drive one?

Ah well, them’s the breaks. I’m just thrilled to have passed.


What are your thoughts?

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