My Thoughts on Rant @ 4am

Americans reacting to the death of Osama bin L...

I agree with the author that time spent in the military should never be belittled.

It is my opinion that ANY serviceman or woman who has been deployed in any capacity for any length of time, and who has not been dishonourably discharged ought to be given a pension.

I would go even further in that I believe they should receive a lifetime exemption from all taxes (except income tax), free public transport for life for themselves, their spouse, their parents and their children and free, or at least heavily discounted, entry into parks, museums, art galleries and so on.

We owe them our freedom and no amount of repayment can ever be enough.

Having said that, we do not live in my ideal world. If the current rules state that a person must serve twenty years to qualify for the pension and this veteran served sixteen, then he doesn’t qualify. His actions with regards to Osama Bin Laden, while they may make him a hero were, nonetheless, carried out in relation to his duties as serviceman.

Using this as an excuse to bend the rules for him would be unfair on those men and women who did stick it out for the full term required.

If you think it is unfair, as I do, that this man is denied a pension, then, instead of lobbying for him to made the exception, you should be campaigning to have the rules changed.


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