Top Ten Breakup Songs

There’s nothing like good music to help you get over a bitter break-up, but sometimes these songs are so sad they only succeed in depressing you further. Still, every once in a while a song really stands out as the perfect antidote to self-pity. Here is my top ten list of awesome break-up songs.

Number 10

Not Big — Lily Allen

Number 9

Stupid — Brendan Maclean

Number 8

I Hate Everything About You — Three Days Grace

Number 7

You’re So Vain — Carly Simon

Number 6

Future Ex-Girlfriend — Voltaire

Number 5

Why D’ya Do It — Marianne Faithfull

Number 4

You Oughtta Know — Alanis Morissette

Number 3

So What — Pink

Number 2

Smile — Lily Allen

Number 1

Hey Christina — The Pigs


What are your thoughts?

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