Annie’s Naruto Sketches

Sasuke Uchiha

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The Ages of Music by Nurture

This photograph features a vinyl record, a CD, a cassette and an i-pod, representing the technological progression of our experience of music.

Fire Root by Nurture

Pillow Hug by Annie

Storm’s end of year school report 2011

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Storm is doing really well at maths but he needs to put more effort into his other subjects. However, I am willing to give him the benefit of the doubt this year as he may have experienced difficulties transitioning to … Continue reading

Yasmine’s end of year school report 2011

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I am giving Yasmine the benefit of the doubt this time as she may have experienced some difficulty transitioning into formal schooling. Hopefully next year, she will do better.

Annie’s end of year school report 2011

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As expected, Annie did very well in violin. Next year she needs to work on putting as much effort into her other subjects.

Butterfly’s End of Year School Report 2011

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We are very pleased with Butterfly’s effort and behaviour this year.

My Really Pretty Rose by Annelise Waratah

My Really Pretty Rose by Annelise Waratah Annie drew this beautiful rose on paint. Related articles How To Transplant a Rose Bush Into a Pot (

My First Driving Lesson

A speedometer using kilometres per hour. (km/h...

A speedometer using kilometres per hour. (km/h) By the way, the car is not driving. The speedometer has been raised using a computer that can control various systems of the car. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I had my first driving lesson last Monday. It was…interesting. Scary. Exciting. Fun. Freeing. Easier than expected.

The very first thing I had to do after pulling away from the curb was to make a turn. I was absolutely terrified and on the verge of tears. Thankfully, I had a very calm, very understanding instructor. For those in the Rockhampton area, I highly recommend Jenny’s Driving School. Jenny managed to calm me in those first few moments – no mean feat.

So, after managing the turn without hitting anything or anyone, we were off at a speedy 25-30 kilometres per hour. We drove around the block a few times, until I got used to left turns, then e drove through another part of the estate where I had to make some right turns. We ended up in a dead end, so I had to complete a 3 point turn to get back.

At this point, Jenny decided that we needed to drive around the estate on the other side of the main road. So I drove on the main road and swung a right into the estate. We drove around the estate for a while, practising left and right turns as well as roundabouts. Then it was back onto the main road to head home. The limit is 100km but there was no way I was driving that fast! I travelled along at a more sedate 50-60 kilometres per hour. Thankfully, everyone behind me was quite patient!

Finally, I arrived back home, shaken but exhilarated. I am actually looking forward to my next lesson.

Point for improvement: I kept thinking I was too close to the curb and winding up too close tho the middle of the road.

Note to self: DON’T spend the night before a driving lesson watching Road Safety ads on YouTube! The whole time I was driving I was paranoid I’d hit a child or something.