Harry Potter – < 1,500 Words

This is a list of fan-fictions that I recommend. The criteria for this list are as follows:

  1. It must be a Harry Potter fan-fiction.
  2. It must have less than fifteen hundred words.
  3. It must be well-written.
  4. It may be canon-compliant, AU, slash, OOC or any other kind of story, so long as it fits the other criteria.

War of Words by fringeperson
Oneshot – 1,079 Words
No Pairings
Summary: Hermione and Harry, having come from non-magical backgrounds, are very aware of all of the many and varied non-magical insults a person can use. Malfoy, having been raised a pureblood, seems to know very few by comparison.
Comment: This story is lightly amusing.

The Game by Einna Aroura Du’an
Oneshot – 1,109 Words
No Pairings
Summary: Snape reflects as he faces Voldemort
Comment: This is a moving story showing Snape’s view of the whole spying game.

Memory by The Plot Bunny Whisperer
Oneshot – 887 Words
Harry/Lucius, Implied Luna/Draco
Summary: I don’t think I ever realized how much they meant to each other until that day…
Comment: This is an incredibly sad story, and it is completely believable that Harry would love so deeply as to die of a broken heart.

The Way (We Break) by nishizono
Oneshot – 647 Words
Harry/Draco, Harry/Astoria, Implied Harry/Scorpius
Summary: Harry doesn’t hate Astoria. He doesn’t hate the way she cries when Draco recites his wedding vows, or the way Draco toys with her curls during the reception. He doesn’t hate her, but god, he hates Draco.
Comment: This is actually quite believable because Draco always could get under Harry’s skin.

They Forgot by ChoCedric
Oneshot – 695 Words
No Pairings
Summary: They thought that he would always be their hero. They thought that he would rise up and save them all. But they forgot that this was real life, and real life is no fairytale. And in real life, good doesn’t always triumph over evil.
Comment: This story had me crying by the end and I was left with a sense of melancholy for the rest of the day.

Muggle Sarcasm and Rita Skeeter Don’t Mix by Jessica499499
Oneshot – 943 Words
Summary: Some morning are easier than others. I can’t say anymore with out giving it away!
Comment: This story had me laughing so hard I couldn’t breathe.

Off Topic by SongoftheDsrquePhoenix
Oneshot – 1.202 Words
Referenced Harry/Vernon, Referenced Harry/Dudley, Referenced Harry/Unknown (possibly Dumbledore or Lockhart?)
Summary: It wasn’t that hard. Write an essay about what he had done wrong – surely Potter could not fail at something so simple.
Comment: An interesting story in which Harry uses his potions essay as an outcry. Good on its own, but I would really like to see a follow-up of Snape’s reaction and whether he does anything about.

Wacky Wakers by solunvar
Oneshot – 1,224 Words
No Pairings
Summary: An invention too many for Fred and George Weasley proves to have an interesting effect in combination with the Boy-Who-Lived.
Comment: This story will give you a few giggles.


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