Naruto Fanfics – Slash

This is a list of fan-fictions that I recommend. The criteria for this list are as follows:

  1. Must be a Naruto fan-fiction.
  2. Must feature at least one male/male couple.
  3. Must be well-written.


Aphrodisiac by Camunki
13 Chapters
Summary: “And then Naruto was straddling me. Naked. This had better not become a regular thing.” Naruto is put under an amorous jutsu by a ninja gang, and Sasuke has to “deal with it”, while Tsunade tries to find a cure, if it exists.
Comment: This story is hot and steamy but still manages a decent plot.


Falling Head First by Imperial Mint
2 Chapters
Summary: The war is over, but the repercussions stretch further than humankind. Recovery occurs in many forms and while Naruto sets up a rehabilitation centre for orphaned onbaa in the forests of Konoha, Itachi moves like a ghost through the trees. What both of them discover, though, is that they cannot recover alone.
Comment: This is one of those ‘awww’ type stories.


Sacrifice by Daydreamer79
One-Shot – 6,085 Words
Summary: As Hokage, Naruto has to make a decision that could mean the death of the person he loves the most.
Comment: An emotional and entertaining story.


What are your thoughts?

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