Shingeki No Kyojin Fanfics – < 1,500 Words

This is a list of fan-fictions that I recommend. The criteria for this list are as follows:

  1. It must be a Shingeki no Kyojin fan-fiction.
  2. It must have less than fifteen hundred words.
  3. It must be well-written.
  4. It may be canon-compliant, AU, slash, OOC or any other kind of story, so long as it fits the other criteria.

Eren Jaeger was done by yuukimurachan
Oneshot – 410 Words
No Pairings
Summary: Basically Eren is being a pissy brat as usual, and Levi is being a rude asshat as usual.
Comment: This a funny little moment in the au life of Eren Jaeger.

Afterwords by Kaiya Nightroad
Oneshot – 662 Words
No Pairings
Summary: It has never crossed Rivaille’s mind before that he will someday wish that he can be given time to grieve, to think, to thank, and to mourn his friends.
Comment: This is a very emotional story.

Language Barrier by BunBunC
Oneshot – 865 Words
Summary: Levi starts talking dirty in French, leaving a very, very confused Eren. (translations provided).
Comment: This story will have you in stitches!

The Almost Origin (Of Everything) by pixeletter
Oneshot – 884 words
No pairings
Summary: Levi destroys people, devours civilizations, towns and kingdoms. He beats the highest mountain down and slays the bravest knights. Yet somehow, I managed to upset him. Someone so little.
Comment: Unique. Interesting. Powerful.

What are your thoughts?

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