Shingeki no Kyojin Fanfics – Slash

This is a list of fan-fictions that I recommend. The criteria for this list are as follows:

  1. Must be a Shingeki no Kyojin fan-fiction.
  2. Must feature at least one male/male couple.
  3. Must be well-written.

Language Barrier by BunBunC
Oneshot – 865 Words
Summary: Levi starts talking dirty in French, leaving a very, very confused Eren. (translations provided).
Comment: This story will have you in stitches!

Unsubtle Machinations by Homicidal Whispers
Oneshot – 3,776 Words
Summary: The thing is, Armin called dibs on Eren a long time ago. Heretofore, no one has ever challenged that claim. There had been others to give Eren looks, sure; he was an attractive and capable guy, after all, and it didn’t help that he could never tell the difference between friendliness and flirting. They got the idea eventually, and they all backed off. Levi, thus far, has not.
Comment: I had fun watching Levi mess with Armin’s mind.

kick off your stilettos by moon strut
Oneshot – 2,386 Words
Summary: Levi is in a surprisingly good mood, Eren has a noticeable limp, and Jean is rightfully suspicious. Life at work gets interesting.
Comment: This is a hilarious story that had me in stitches.

Whisper, Louder, Bang by thoughtless dreamer
Oneshot – 7,979 words
Summary: Eren was grateful to have a roof over his head. Three square meals a day and security were the reasons he, Mikasa and Armin joined the military in the first place. Joining had been synonymous with survival. What Eren hated was the need to be discreet with Armin. In bed. Thing was, he couldn’t go on like this much longer. As in. This was happening. Tonight. Eremin and a few voyeurs.
Comment: This story is strictly for the over eighteens. Erin/Armin fans (like myself) will love it!

Black Sheep by Orkan24
26 Chapters
Eren/Levi, Jean/Marco
WIP – Last Updated August 18, 2014
Summary: A Stripper AU where Eren works with the other trainees as a Stripper at a popular Club. Levi is a corporate man who works at a famous fashion industry, the “Recon Corporation”. Mostly ErenxLevi as main shipping pair, however, there are a few side filler ships. Spoilers in later chapters, but will be warned beforehand.
Comments: What I have read of this is well worth reading.

Before he Cheats by DatJaden
Oneshot – 2,661 words
Summary: Only Jean would think that cheating on Eren ‘I have major rage issues’ Jaeger was a good idea.
Comments: This story had me chuckling under my breath.

What are your thoughts?

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