Still To Come

Below, you will find the editorial calendar for this blog. Feel free to use it to plan out your reading for the month. Just click on the post title to see any further details I might have added — the top ten topic, for example, or the prompt I used for my Fiction Friday story.

At the moment, the calendar only shows the next three months but I would eventually like to have my posts planned out six months in advance. I do reserve the right to change my planned posts at any time, but I won’t do this often, and only with good reason — if I need to blog about a time sensitive issue, for example.

I am in Australia and using Sydney Eastern Time (GMT +10 or GMT +11, depending on daylight saving), so keep that in mind when planning out your reading.


The themes for 2016 (and the remainder of 2015) are:

  • December: Winter Holidays
  • January: Australia
  • March: Harry Potter
  • May: Mental Health
  • July: Nostalgia
  • October: Halloween
  • December: Winter Holidays

If you have any suggestions for the monthly themes, topics you’d like to see me blog about, top ten lists you would like to see or Fiction Friday prompts, feel free to contact me using the form below: