I learned to use chopsticks when I was a kid.

My Dad was the entrepreneurial type, always starting new businesses, always swearing that ‘this was the one’. We had periods when I was very young when we didn’t have a lot of money. However, for the majority of my formative years we were, not wealthy, but certainly comfortable. Dad worked hard to give us the life he felt we deserved. He grew up poor and he was determined that we would want for nothing. Continue reading



annie storm beachEverybody woke bright and early today, anxiously checking the weather. Sunny, no clouds, definitely no rain. Relief! Quickly shovel breakfast down our gullets, then it’s into the shower, one by one, quick wash and out, dried and dressed. We’d better take along some cossies and towels just in case we go swimming. And bring an apple in case you get hungry in the car!

Ready too soon. Damn! I hate waiting when I’m dressed and raring to go! Oh well, Facebook will distract me and a bit of Voltaire to lighten the mood.

Ten o’clock and Dad arrives in a rented van. Everybody ready? All used the loo? OK, everybody pile into the van.

What kind of music would you like to hear, Dad?

Anything from the sixties or seventies would be great.

How about Dr. Hook?

Sounds good…

Driving, chatting, singing along – ooh, what’s that? A roadside vendor. Time to stop and buy some cherries and strawberries. Yum!

More driving, more chatting, more singing – Cat Stevens!

Here we are guys – just have to find a park. Ok, here we go, let’s have a look at the cannons. Check out those seagulls, showing off trying to con a bite out of the tourists. How about we walk down to the beach?

Right-o, we’ll sit here. Go on up there and change, then you can go for a swim.

Chatting, filming, enjoying the sun – yes, that is an awesome rock sweetie. Why don’t you leave it here to dry then you can put it in your bag?

Look at all that seaweed. Great sand teddy Annie. Are you having fun Storm? Yasmine, too far, come back, please!

That smoke is getting close. We’d better get inside – don’t want Annie’s asthma flaring up. Go on up and get dried and dressed.

Where’s Annie? Comb your hair Storm. What’s wrong Yasmine? I’m sure your belt is somewhere. Here, use this instead. Oh, you’ve found it – good.

Alright everyone? Ok, let’s go get some grub. What’s that Yasmine? I don’t know if you can have it. Ask Grandad – he’s paying. Wow – look at the size of those meals! No way I can eat all that! Looks like you’ll have plenty of leftover salad for lunch tomorrow Butterfly.

Everyone done? OK. Time to go.

Oh dear. Don’t worry mate, we’ll get you cleaned up. Guess you shouldn’t have pigged out on lunch, eh? Why don’t you sit next to a window the rest of the way home?

More driving, chatting, MJ in the background. Finally home.

Everyone said goodbye to Grandad? Thanks for taking us out Dad. I’ve had a wonderful time. We’ll have to organise a get together with Sophie as well.

Damn, I’m burnt. Ooh, it hurts! Where’s the Aloe Vera gel?

Anybody hungry for dinner? A small burger pack each then?

Resting, munching, watching Fruits Basket – time for quiet play now, guys!

Ok Kids, off to bed. I know, but you’ve had a big day. You can play again tomorrow. Goodnight, sleep tight, Love you, see you in the morning.

Aah. Peace at last!