The Perfect Wife and Mother has not been tortured (at least not in the sense normally understood by the word), blown up, or suffered in any grandiose way. Her daily tasks seem too mundane to justify powerful protests or claims to high public honour. Her suffering is of an invisible kind. It is the anguish of the downtrodden, of the silent, suffering majority.

—Allan & Barbara Pease in Why Men Lie and Women Cry


Reverend Mr Beecher quoted in ‘Fiend: The Shocking True Story of America’s Youngest Serial Killer’ by Harold Schechter

“A child dying, dies but once; but the mother dies a hundred times.”

~ Reverend Mr Beecher quoted in ‘Fiend: The Shocking True Story of America’s Youngest Serial Killer’ by Harold Schechter

He’ll be OK: Growing Gorgeous Boys into Good Men by Celia Lashlie

Book Cover for He'll be OK Growing Gorgeous Boys into Good Men by Celia Lashlie

Opening Sentence:Recently I was invited to convene a breakfast for fathers whose sons attended a Gosford grammar school. Synopsis:Adolescent boys – they seem to disappear into another world where they barely communicate, and where fast cars, alcohol and drugs are … Continue reading

Huge News!

Well, quite a while ago (I think it might even have been last year) I was worried about my sister, so Earth sent a letter to my estranged family to find out about if she was OK. He sent an email address created expressly for that purpose.

Anyway, We finally heard from my mum. She only received the letter recently because she is no longer in Cairns. She is in Kakadu and my sister is living with her boyfriend in Canada and my brother is living in Switzerland, having recently married a swiss girl! OMG, talk about a shock!

Anyhow, it has been about six years, so (after discussing it with Earth) I am going to cautiously open e-mail communication with my mother to established if they have changed. If they are off the drugs and acknowledge how they treated me (and that they regret it and will not be resuming such behaviour) then I will consider more contact.

I truly hope this is the case because I miss having an extended family around me and I feel that my kids are missing out as well. I grew up with lots of aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents around me constantly and my kids have none of that.

Obviously no extended family is better than what they had, but if they have changed…

Well, it’s useless speculating. Tomorrow, when my head has stopped spinning, I will email my mother.

Meanwhile, I have located the facebook pages for my brother and sister and saved some of the wedding photos. Oh wow they look different! My brother looks like he’s really matured and my sister is the spitting image of my deceased aunt!

The people in the photo (from left to right) are:

My Aunt – mum’s sister.

My Dad – his hair is white!

My Brother – his hair has moved from his head to his chin!

My Brother’s Wife – isn’t she pretty?

My Mum – looking a little older.

My Sister – looks just like my mother’s other sister.