Top Ten Horrible Histories Songs

Horrible Histories is a popular British television series based on the best-selling book series by Terry Dreary. The show was produced for CBBC by Lion Television with Citrus Television and ran from 2009 to 2013 with an additional ‘reincarnation’ in 2015. Here in Australia, reruns are constantly being shown and the show is very popular in my home (and not just with the kids!).

The show is ‘hosted’ by a black rat puppet by the name of Rattus Rattus and stars  Mathew Baynton, Simon Farnaby, Martha Howe-Douglas, Jim Howick, Laurence Rickard and Ben Willbond, alongside a large supporting cast headed by Sarah Hadland, Lawry Lewin and Dominique Moore.

Each episode lasts for half an hour and covers different time periods with interesting titles such as ‘Gorgeous Georgians’ or ‘Vile Victorians’. The show consists of  Live-action sketches—which often parody other UK media or celebrities—and music videos, intercut with animations and quizzes, with Rattus Rattus explaining the facts behind each segment.

Horrible Histories was a critical and ratings success, winning numerous domestic and international awards (including being the first children’s show to win best sketch at the Comedy Awards) and has been named among the greatest British children’s television series of all time — with good reason, in my opinion. The show is entertaining for all ages, including adults, with the added benefit of being educational. Some of the most popular sketches and songs from the show have attracted more than half a million hits each on YouTube.

Frankly, I have learned more from this show than I ever did in History class. Continue reading



The assumption that unschooling parents somehow lack awareness of their children’s progress, and therefore require formal evaluation of that progress, is related to the fact that unschoolers function outside the arena of the schools, and our philosophies and methods are not always well understood.

— Jan Hunt in The Unschooling Unmanual


If everybody in the world went to bed on Sunday night and unknowingly slept through to Tuesday morning, what day would it be? Would it still be Tuesday? Or would it be Monday because that is what everybody thought it was and time is relative?

Walter Cruttenden in ‘Lost Star of Myth and Time’

Egypt: Esneh

Egypt: Esneh (Photo credit: Brooklyn Museum)

“The ruins that have been uncovered thus far from Egypt, India, the Middle East, and the Americas indicate that many of the comforts of modern society – complex systems of law and government, cities, roads, canals, huge maritime and agricultural industries, medicines, vast amounts of art including sculpture, painting, music and deep philosophical and spiritual thought – appear to have been in place.”

~ Walter Cruttenden in ‘Lost Star of Myth and Time’

Radhakrishnan 'Eastern Religions and Western Thought'

“The objective world exists. It is not an illusion. It is real not in being ultimate, but in being a form, an expression of the ultimate. To regard the world as ultimately real is delusion.”