Dreams by Nurture Waratah

Image by George Hodan


I dream.
I dream of his face.
I dream of the blood
That trickled in his eyes.
I dream of the crowd,
The way they cried
For his destruction.
I dream of my own
Reluctance to disagree
With the mob.
I dream.
I dream of my hands.
I dream of the bowl
That contains the water
Of my sins.
I never emptied that bowl.
My dreams are filled.
Filled with certainty.
His life was not the only
Life I washed away
That day.
My decision killed him.
I killed him.
My life is forfeit.
Perhaps also my soul.
Perhaps he will forgive.
It was all
Part of his Plan.
What choice, then, did I have?
Perhaps he will forgive.
My sleep is fitful now.
Never peaceful.
I am dying.
Remember me Lord,
As I remember you,
And forgive.

— Nurture Waratah


Top Ten Monty Python Sketches

One of the most iconic symbols of my childhood is Monty Python, which is ironic given that most of their stuff was released either before I was born or when I was far too young to either understand or remember.However, Dad was a Python fan, so I grew up watching films like Life of Brian and The Search for the Holy Grail and, in fact, some of my favourite sketches are taken from these movies. Having married a man who can quote large passages from various sketches, I have also developed a taste for those aspects of Monty Python that my father either didn’t enjoy or chose not to show me.

For those of you who have been living under a rock, Monty Python were a British comedy group who produced some pretty surreal and out-there movies and sketches. The group, consisting of members Graham Chapman, John Cleese (voted number 2 the top 50 greatest comedians ever), Terry Gilliam, Eric Idle (voted number 21 the top 50 greatest comedians ever), Terry Jones, and Michael Palin (voted number 30 the top 50 greatest comedians ever), produced the sketch comedy show Monty Python’s Flying Circus, followed by live tours, books and several movies. Monty Python’s humour proved to be so unique and popular that it has engendered a cult following that endures to this day. It even spawned a new word — pythonesque, meaning farcically surreal or absurd.

I have already posted my Top Ten Monty Python Songs so today I would like to concentrate on my ten favourite Monty Python sketches. Continue reading