HP/Z-Nation Recs?

First, let me begin by apologising for the lack of Top Ten Tuesday and Fiction Friday last week. My internet was too intermittent for lengthy blog posts, and I had neither the time, nor the inclination to catch the bus in to the library in order to use theirs. My internet seems to be working fine now, though, so barring other extenuating circumstances, this week’s blogging should be fine.

Today, I have a request. I have a hankering to (can you say hankering to, or does it have to be hankering for?) read a few good Harry Potter / Z-Nation crossover stories, but I can’t seem to find any. There’s plenty of Harry Potter/ Walking Dead (though still not as much as I’d like), but not so much Harry Potter / Z-Nation. Does anyone know of any that I’ve missed? I’d really appreciate the recs.

I’m particularly interested in stories that ship Harry with either 10k or Murphy, or stories with no ships at all. However, I will read any and all recs, because I just really want to read this particular crossover.

So, can anyone help me?


5 Things I’m Watching on Netflix

So, I’ve been watching a few shows on Netflix recently. Well, if I’m being honest, my daughter has been watching them, and I’ve been caught up in the shows while attempting to work on my laptop. Here are some of the shows we’ve been watching. Oh, by the way, there will probably be spoilers, so consider yourself warned. Continue reading