Cowards All

Religious people are cowards. I don’t care how many burning buildings they’ve entered, they are cowards. I’m sure you are wondering how I can say this. Some of them are heroes, you cry. Some cling to their faith through overwhelming odds. That, you say, is true courage.

Not so. Continue reading



I learned to use chopsticks when I was a kid.

My Dad was the entrepreneurial type, always starting new businesses, always swearing that ‘this was the one’. We had periods when I was very young when we didn’t have a lot of money. However, for the majority of my formative years we were, not wealthy, but certainly comfortable. Dad worked hard to give us the life he felt we deserved. He grew up poor and he was determined that we would want for nothing. Continue reading

Atheist or Not?

Let me just begin this post by apologising in advance. I’m just going to be posting my thoughts rather than attempting to put together a structured post. That may cause my musings to be a little disjointed or difficult to follow. So, sorry ’bout that. Continue reading

I Need Another Holiday

Once again I find I must begin with an apology. I missed Fiction Friday again this week, for the same reason as last time. My day was spent saying my goodbyes, flying home, unpacking and spending time with my family. I had neither the energy nor the inclination for blogging anything, let alone a story that was likely to take me an hour to write.

I should, hopefully, be able to post something this week. Unfortunately, I am unable to make any promises. It depends on how busy I am with cleaning out my home. You see, I have returned from holiday to a plethora of problems. Continue reading

Monato Zoo and Other Places I’ve Seen

First off, I just want to begin by apologising for not posting this yesterday. I’ve been feeling unwell the past couple of days and I just didn’t feel up to doing much of anything yesterday except sleep and read. Still, better late than never, right?

Aside from that, my holiday has been going quite well so far. On Tuesday, we took Wolfie (my sister’s dog) to the beach for a walk, along with a neighbour whose dog he is friends with. Afterwords we went for a drive to check out a few little towns. We drove through Victor Harbour, Port Elliot and Goolwa. Continue reading

Mt Barker

First off, let me apologise for not posting a story for Fiction Friday this week. I spent the morning travelling to the airport and, due to a delayed flight, the entire afternoon at the airport. By the time I arrived in Adelaide, I was simply too damn tired to write anything.

Anyway, I’ve been here a few days now. It’s been great seeing my mother, sister and brother-in-law. Today, Mum and I took the bus into Mt Barker. The route took us through Harndorf which seems like a pretty little town. I hope we get a chance to visit while we are here. Continue reading

Running Away

All kids run away from home at some point, right? I know my siblings and I did so a few times. There are two times in particular that come to mind. Continue reading

News Break

Well, I’m back to my usual blogging schedule. As many of you will know, I took a break over the holidays. I decided that this year, I would have a stress-free holiday. So I did all my shopping early, I did very little cooking, and I took a break from everything, including my writing and blogging. Continue reading

Getting to Know Me Revisited

Nurture dressed s a businessman for halloween

This is an old picture, but I don’t have anything more recent.

Name: Nurture
Age: 40
Gender: Female
Marital status: Married
Romance: is wonderful.
Hair colour: Browny
Eye colour: Blue
Long or short hair: Just past my shoulders
Favourite thing to eat: Sushi
Favourite thing to wear: Leggings
Favourite perfume/cologne: Musk. It reminds me of my Great Grandmother.
Favourite food: Sushi
Favourite drink: Wine
Favourite colour: Deep Purple or Forest Green
Favourite music: Aurelio Voltaire, The Indelicates, Buddy Holly, Karliene, The Cog is Dead, Damh the Bard, Sara Storer, Elton John & a bunch of others that can be found on my playlists.
Favourite movie: He Died With a Felafel In His Hand, Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, The Road to El Dorado, Independence Day, The Day After Tomorrow, The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, pretty much anything by Studio Ghibli.
Favourite TV show: I’m not really sure. I don’t watch a lot of television. I do enjoy crime shows like NCIS or Law & Order. Orange is the New Black is also good, as is Doctor Who. I don’t mind a good documentary series like Conspiracy, Haunting Australia or Chef’s Table. I don’t think I’d describe any of these as favourites, though.
Favourite pastime: Reading
Favourite place to eat: My previous answer to this was Sizzler. Damn, I miss Sizzler. Oh well, these days, I guess, Sushi Hub.

Most memorable moment: The birth of my children
Most embarrassing moment: Way too many to pick.
If you could kiss anyone, who would it be?: I actually can’t think of anybody I’d like to kiss right now. Unless fictional characters count?
What makes you smile?: My kids
What makes you smile?: Baby animals
Will you post this on your blog?: Yes

A Series of Unrelated Snippets

Butterfly and Annie have been watching an anime called Food Wars recently. Since I have been reading and writing in the same room as the television, I have caught several glimpses of the anime. The food on this show looks divine. I mean, anime food always looks particularly delicious, but anime devoted to food, such as Yumeiro Patissiere or Food Wars take it to a whole other level. I would dearly love to try some of the dishes I’ve seen in these two shows. I wonder if there is an English language cookbook featuring the recipes from the show available? Continue reading

Double Standards

I am starting to get exceedingly irritated with a commonly expressed internet opinion with regards to Islam. I’m sure you’ve seen the point of view I’m referring to. It is generally some variation of the following statement:

“If the majority of Muslims are really not terrorists, why do they not speak out against terrorism? They must truly support it. Ban all Muslims!” Continue reading

NaNoWriMo 2017

A few days ago,  on the recommendation of my daughter, and with the encouragement of people who had already done so, I did something I never thought I would do; something exciting, exhilarating, incredibly frightening. I signed up for NaNoWriMo.

Continue reading

How to Wrap a Christmas Present

I absolutely adore giving gifts. It is one of my favourite things about Christmas. However, if you are anything like me, gift-wrapping can be fairly frustrating. I look at all those beautifully wrapped presents on TV or in the magazines, then I look at my own wrapped presents, then I shake my head and wonder where the hell I went wrong? Continue reading

Winter Celebrations

Winter SeasonFor those of my readers in the Northern Hemisphere, tomorrow is the longest night (and shortest day) of the year, more commonly known as the Winter Solstice. It is a time of year that has led to the development of celebrations in almost every spiritual belief on the planet.

For those of us in the West, the most common celebration we encounter is, of course Christmas, but it is certainly not the only one, or even the most celebrated, around the world.

This world of ours is beautiful, diverse and ever-changing, filled with as many world views as there are people. It saddens me when I see people negating or belittling the beliefs of others. My purpose for this post is to showcase a small portion of the holidays and religious observances being celebrated around the world at this time of year (that being November, December, January), and hopefully knowledge will lead to understanding and, eventually, acceptance. Continue reading

My Recent Life November 2015

Wet & WildFirst off, allow me to apologise for the fact that this is not the originally scheduled post about Hijab. I will still be posting on that topic; it has merely been postponed for a couple of months. I decided that, what with everything happening in my life right now, I just don’t have the time to do the topic the justice it deserves. Sorry to everyone who was wanting to read it, but I’m sure you would prefer to wait a while for a decent post than to have me post a sub-par blog on time, right?

So, what has been going on with me, myself and I? My life is not an exciting one, but it is mine, so it is what you are stuck with, I’m afraid. Continue reading

Awesome Anime Reviewers

Anime Reviewers

Anyone who has ever met me will be aware that my two greatest obsessions are reading and Harry Potter. If you and I have more than a passing acquaintance, you will know that my third love (aside from family, of course) is anime.

Unfortunately, aside from a couple of Facebook friends (and my own children), I really don’t know anybody else who enjoys anime anywhere near as much. Oh, I know plenty of people who dabble. People whose experience of anime is limited to Pokémon, Astro Boy and the more popular Studio Ghibli films.

Now, I am by no means an anime aficionado. In fact, as much as I love anime, I still regard myself as a casual viewer. But with most people I associate having watched even less than I have, where am I to find new anime to watch?

I can find new titles by browsing the store shelves but, while reading the box will give me a pretty good idea of what the show is about, it really doesn’t tell me whether or not it is any good. With an extremely limited budget, I am fairly keen to spend my money on anime I will want to keep. This is where YouTube comes into its own. Continue reading

Waking Terror

The Relief

Yesterday, I watched a documentary film called The Nightmare which presents people’s experiences with Sleep Paralysis. I cried almost the entire time from a mingled sense of fear and overwhelming relief. The fear was because listening to these stories reminded my body in a very real way of how it feels to actually have these experiences. The relief came from the knowledge that I am not alone.

I won’t pretend that this is the first time I have heard of Sleep Paralysis because it is not. However, all I knew of this condition was that your mind wakes up a bit before your body so you find yourself awake but unable to move for a short time. That is all I knew about it and I had no idea that there is more to it; I had no idea that the things I, and my family, have been going through can also be attributed to Sleep Paralysis. Continue reading

R.I.P. Mokona

I apologise for not posting yesterday. I will backdate this post so there are no gaps in my posting calendar. I just did not feel up to blogging, or doing anything online really. You see, our cat Mokona died yesterday. She was only five years old and the sweetest cat in existence. The video above (posted on my old YouTube Channel) was recorded when she was kitten. Continue reading

Breakfast With the Premier Part 2 – Yasmine

Last Friday, a small group of about thirty children from my kids’ school were invited to breakfast with the Premier of NSW followed by an excursion to the Sydney Aquarium. This was completely free for the children, with the costs being covered by Foodbank Australia. Foodbank provides food for distribution by charitable organisations as well as running various other programs throughout Australia. Continue reading

Breakfast With the Premier Part 1 – Storm

12074792_667857963349985_6937370344421381483_nToday, a small group of about thirty children from my kids’ school were invited to breakfast with the Premier of NSW followed by an excursion to the Sydney Aquarium. This was completely free for the children, with the costs being covered by Foodbank Australia. Foodbank provides food for distribution by charitable organisations as well as running various other programs throughout Australia. Continue reading

DNA Isn’t Infallible

You’ve all watched the shows, right? A crime is committed. The cops know who did it but can prove nothing. DNA evidence is rushed through and proves beyond all doubt that the perp is guilty. Well, apparently, this evidence is not quite as reliable as we have been led to believe. Continue reading

First 10 Search Results For Rafferty’s Rules

I am currently sitting here with a sore throat, an aching head and an apparent desire to cough up my lungs. I feeling so generally miserable that nothing is able to keep my interest, leaving me bored out of my mind. I am also unable to concentrate well enough to come up with a decent topic for today’s blog post. What do you get when you combine both those states of mind? Googling yourself, of course. However, googling your own name is so last year, so instead I decided to google the name of my blog. In a (not so) interesting twist on my usual Top Ten posts, here are the first ten results for a search on Rafferty’s Rules: Continue reading


I keep telling my munchkins that sharing is good but I don’t really want them sharing illness. This weekend I discovered that this lesson needs to be imparted to dear hubby as well. Continue reading